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Utah Athletic Center (UAC) is a brand, spanking new, family run facility with over 65,000 square feet of court space. The facility also incudes a fitness gym, physical therapy office, athletic wear retail center, café and more. Helping to launch the UAC facility and brand was an exciting opportunity for Forthgear.

Tell Your Story

What does any brand new company need? A strong website of course. In today’s marketplace, a company’s website is the number one place to tell a story and get a message out to the public.

UAC Monitor
HYV Products
HYV Products

Lights, Camera, Action!

Did you know that video is one of the main forms of digestible content online today? The Utah Athletic Center is such an awesome facility, we knew people would need to see it to believe it. With this in mind, we immediately created several video vignettes.

Define Who You Are

A company brand and logo are crucial to any business — new or old. Logos act as a first impression to potential customers. Helping UAC design several logos for each division of their company was an exciting challenge for all of us at Forthgear.

UAC Food and Drink
UAC Physical Therapy
UAC Retail Center
UAC Sports Fitness

Presentation Matters

When you want to convey a message quickly, visually and creatively, a display piece is often a good option to consider. Working with UAC’s bright colors and creating these dynamic displays was a dream come true.

Printed Material — Still Relevant

Opening a new business is often about getting your message out quickly and easily. Oftentimes, the best way to do that is printed materials. From designing and printing business cards to flyers and brochures — Forthgear did it all for UAC.

HYV Products
Create A Buzz

Create a Buzz

Creating a buzz and an online conversation is often key to today’s marketing efforts. Luckily, creating a branded social presence, managing social media channels and initiating engaging conversations online is second nature to the Forthgear team.